A Recap of the Foodie in Lagos ‘Food’ Fair #FoodieinLagosFair


A Recap of the Foodie in Lagos ‘Food’ Fair #FoodieinLagosFair

Wow!!! That’s the only word that seems to come out when I think about our Food Fair in Lagos which happened on Sunday. It was amazeballs and was beyond my imagination. It was a massive success thanks to readers and followers of this blog, thank you for coming out and honouring us with your presence.


To all our Food & Drink Vendors, Thank you for trusting us, we appreciate you.


First scare was the weather because at about 5.30am it was raining proper cats and dogs and all I could think was “oh no!” but God came through and the sun was out with a bang. Whew! It was so surreal.


Then some of the vendors ran out of food and I was so worried but that is a good thing to actually sell out. Cocktailville & Chops was still selling small chops at 7.25pm and at some point, started giving out free small chops – It was an awesome day totally! Also had last minute calls of vendors wanting to be a part of it and a lady got the last space on the day. Was totally bummed that there was nothing we could do to add more vendors on the day.  The atmosphere was relaxed and homely like it was one big family food party and Dj Cypha was totally amazing on the 1’s and 2’s!!! . The laughters and smiles warmed my heart amidst my swollen feet from standing and walking all day but totally worth it and its definitely the bestest moments for Foodie in Lagos so far. Wow….


Some lovely moments  – I was sharing some So Yummy Caramel Popcorn to some children at the Food Fair and they’d look at their parents first and then refuse and when told it was okay to collect it from me, they smile and say thank you – Well trained! Well done to all the fantastic parents out there!


I’m also thankful to family and friends who came to show support. Some of my egbons saw Facebook posts and Instagram posts and showed up  – Bless! Still so hard to believe that over 1,000 people were present.. Huge apology to those who got caught up in the traffic to get into the venue and those who tried to leave and to those who got frustrated after trying to get in and drove away – I see you and I appreciate it. Wow! (thats how I feel) Already being asked when the next Food Fair will be – we are working on it and its probably sooner than you think (subscribe here  for updates).



For all those who attended, please if you have any suggestions or comments on how we can do better, do let us know in the comment section or by mail. Will be really grateful to get any feedback :) A bunch of people also asked about the shirts and liked it – Thank you. Do let me know if you want one.


Thanks to our partners – The Stage Exposition, curators of the Lagos Home Show and our sponsors – Nigerian Breweries – Strong BowSo Yummy, Wilson’s Juice Co., Bella Africana,  Living in Lekki, Lost in Lagos, Pulse.


Again. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Again. THANK YOU!!!!!!

When should we do the next one? Tell Us :)

The Main Foodie

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