Casa Lydia and Cocoon Birth ‘Brass & Copper’ by the Good Hair Dolls

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Casa Lydia and Cocoon Birth ‘Brass & Copper’ by the Good Hair Dolls

Brass & Copper Restaurant

The Good Hair Space, Olubunmi Owa Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos


The Good Hair Girls known for their luxury hair brand  in Lagos have been very busy and recently moved to a new space – The Good Hair Space which houses Brass & Copper (Diner | Shisha | Bar), the Good Hair Salon, GlambeautyJay – a beauty store and a barbers place.


It was more interesting to see that the restaurant is a partnership with Casa Lydia and Cocoon which is smart since the food and drinks business is not their forte. The menu clearly states that the kitchen is powered by Casa Lydia but not yet sure how Cocoon comes in, maybe drinks?


The Good Hair Space has very limited parking but somehow they secured parking spaces at CBC towers which is opposite the diner. You can click the address at the top of the post which launches google maps to easily navigate (you are welcome)


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I used the opportunity to check out the salon as well which is so beautifully lit and designed and its amazing how durable these container housing structures are. They also had a VIP room in the salon if you are spending N1mn and above – cool, cool.

Now on to the actual space itself, what I really appreciated was the access to natural lighting followed by the attention to detail the GH dolls played with ensuring the name – Brass & Copper was evident in the little features (salt and pepper shakes, AC, lights, cups etc). Clearly aesthetics was on a 100 here.


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To start with, ordered the Chicken Kebab and a Virgin Mojito. For the main meal, ordered the ‘Hot Chops’ but surprisingly there were two prices (just imagine). There was an imported price for N7,000 and locally sourced being N5,500. I just found this funny and weird because how will I know what is local and what is imported when the whole thing was covered in stew in the name of ‘spicy tomato sauce’


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In terms of service, I don’t know if it is because the place is new or what not, but the wait staff were totally clueless about the meals. Clearly they need to be trained as it should be more than just a job that they are being paid for which will save a lot of stress in terms of expectation.


Hot Chops

Besides the horrible plating and covering up of the meat in all that stew, it was actually really good. I pretty much just scraped off the stew and enjoyed my meat (lol). This was paired with Roast Potatoes and you have the option to have this with Steamed Rice which would have been a better partner in hindsight.


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Hot Chops


Chicken Kebab

The Chicken Kebab was extremely dry – I feel like all that stew on the pork chops should have been as a side dip for Kebab.


Chicken Kebab Brass & Copper

Chicken Kebab

For Drinks, had the Virgin Mojito which was quite sweet and wishing that the drink came in one of the fancy bronze/copper cups. That is all I can remember since I am a bit limited to what drinks I can have for now. However, I do not remember it being horrible but we all know mocktails are boring *shrugs*



Kika and Chioma have done a good job with this space and definitely put in a lot of work to the design and detailing. The staff seemed to loiter a lot as well and shuttled between the bar area which was quite busy and the dining area which was less busy.  The plating could have been better with the ‘stew’ on the side or something instead of drowning the poor meat. If I was to give a score over 10, I’d say B&C gets a 6/10 mainly because it has a good vibe and the food tasted really good. Will I go back? Sure.


Ambience Ambience Beautiful is all I can for this space as you can see from the pictures
Food Quality Food Quality The Kebabs could have been better but this may just be the style of the chef. The pork chops were really nice as well besides the whole stew thing and not being able to differentiate if it was indeed locally sourced or imported
Location Location The parking is limited in the actual space itself but street parking is available
Price Price Hot Chops (Imported) – ₦7,000 • Chicken Kebab – ₦3,000

Virgin Mojito – ₦2,000

There was no tax – Since this info is important (lol)

Service Delivery Service Delivery Staff knew little or nothing about what they were serving. Hopefully next time they would do better



Images by Olupitan Olusanya Photography

The Main Foodie


  • Dee

    07.02.2018 at 19:50 Reply

    The waiters for the bar and the restaurant shld be different set of pple! The whole shuffling thing makes them mix up d orders a lot. (Happened twice while I was there) My food was crappy and came at the same time with my starter which by the way was already cold. The lamb was dry not juicy at all, the fried yam was bitter.
    However the ambience was rilly good,

    • The Main Foodie

      07.02.2018 at 20:50 Reply

      Thank you for dropping a comment with your experience. They certainly need to do better as ambience is not edible.

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