Delis Cafe – Sunday Lunch

Grilled Chicken

Delis Cafe – Sunday Lunch

Not sure why it has taken me a while to finally visit Delis Cafe but I guess, the best is always saved for last. After Y’s experience, she had mentioned that Deli’s would have offered better steak as she and her husband were regulars after church on Sundays.


This time I could not go with Y, but with a bud of mine – B to have lunch at Delis after Church :). Delis is simply Cafe.Eatery.Winery as read on the menu but its safe to say this place is really a café which is above the Delis grocery store.  For a Sunday afternoon, it was quite free and I could count on one hand how many people were here.




  Bar Area


The space at Delis is relatively small and can not take that many people at a time and because of the size, it has this intimate feel to it and if you love to watch people, you would have a ball watching those who go in and out of the grocery store below


Window Watching


B ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast and Spicy Mash while I had the Beef Fillet Steak (medium-well) and the Standard Mash.  For drinks, I had the Mixed Berry Smoothie which is made up of Strawberries, Raspberries & Blackberries. The drinks came to us in six minutes! This smoothie was perfection and so naturally sweet. It was not watered down which made it more enjoyable.


      Best Mixed Berry Smoothie!


17 minutes later, we had our meals. The Standard Mash was extremely creamy, smooth and no lumps – Yas!! My Steak was done just how I wanted it. Well seasoned to the inner of inners. Loved the black slates our meals came on, thought this was nice. I was thankful for a proper steak knife unlike the last place I was at and the meal was thoroughly enjoyed.


Grilled Chicken 2


Grilled Chicken


       Spicy Mash


B enjoyed his meal as well and I had some of his chicken and it was well grilled and tasty. Did not really taste much difference between the standard mash and spicy mash as the latter appeared to have traces of dried pepper. I guess I am used to really really spicy hot pepper. LOL I think the Chef here might just become my new BFF at this point ‘coz the meals were totally on point.




      Standard Mash


First timer and already loving this place. I see what Y meant now when she felt we could have just come here for steak instead. I know I am going to be a regular here and try out everything on the Menu which is not exhaustive  by the way. I like when restaurants/establishments focus on their best meals and have a limited menu than have every single thing in there and have 50:50 chances at making an awesome dish.




Ambience: Simple and beautiful

Food Quality:  Major points! The steak was done just how I asked and the grilled chicken was not too dry and well spiced. Was awesome!

Location: Very easy to find as it is located on the major street (Click details below to access map)

Price: ₦ 6,000 for the Beef Fillet Steak ,  ₦ 3,500 for the Grilled Chicken Breast &  ₦1,500 for the Mixed Berry Smoothie

Service Delivery: Wait time for the food was on point at just 17 minutes. The place was very clean and at the general atmosphere of the experience here was great. Foodie in Lagos Recommends!



Deli’s Cafe

1291 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0809 662 2288

The Main Foodie


  • Mobz

    02.03.2016 at 11:05 Reply

    So gingered to come here. Think i’ll make it a date over the weekend. Lovely review.

  • Oye

    08.03.2016 at 08:24 Reply

    Went there on a Saturday afternoon last weekend I loved it! Their sauces are really tasty, I would not mind going back there soon.

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