Foodie in Lagos Tales: So Fresh and Green Grill House

Foodie in Lagos Tales: So Fresh and Green Grill House

Hey Hey… Some more experiences by our readers. Be sure to catch up on the Experience I and Experience II when you can.


So Fresh Wasn’t So Fresh After All

People I’m so disappointed in So Fresh. The salad I ordered was bad. Looked dry, had a funny smell like it had been in a fridge that wasn’t cooling well since Friday and today is Monday. Had a few bites & now my tummy is rumbling. Not so fresh after all plus he avocados were all bad. I am so so disappointed. Had just two spoons and the rest ended up in the bin for a salad that cost me N1,700


Awful SO Fresh Salad 22/02/16

Awful SO Fresh Salad 22/02/16


Poor Timing

Hi Foodie in Lagos, Green Grill House really needs to improve on their communication channels especially on their blackberry.  Colleague and I decided to jointly make an order to share the delivery cost. Order for the salads were made at 10.47am and it usually takes an hour for deliveries to be made based on my experience with Green Grill House.


One hour went buy, then two hours and by this time it was around 2pm and so I asked if the dispatch rider was on the way via BBM still and they apologised that they ran out of riders. Couldn’t they have just called me to tell me that or BBM me so that I know how to arrange my stomach before passing out due to hunger? So I’m like fine.


Then it was 3pm and colleague is running out of patience as to why Lunch was about to be dinner as she had not had anything to eat all day. The salads ended up coming at 4.15pm. Green Grill House just lost a loyal customer!



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The Main Foodie


  • Dee

    25.02.2016 at 04:37 Reply

    So what you do is bring people’s businessess down with your negative reviews?! Genius. Rather than let them know so they can adjust.

    • The Main Foodie

      25.02.2016 at 13:50 Reply

      Hello Dee, that is not the objective of this column. If you read the intro to this column here these are experiences shared by readers in its entirety and not the views/opinions of Foodie in Lagos. Besides, this even provides feedback to establishments to know what areas of their service needs improvement.

  • So Fresh Team

    25.02.2016 at 06:47 Reply

    Hello FoodieinLagos, we take customers’ feedback very seriously, because it gives us the opportunity to get better and improve on our product quality and service to them. This feedback is indeed strange and definitely a one off situation which will be thoroughly investigated to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

    Please be rest assured that we remain committed and fanatic about providing the freshest, healthiest and quality meals always with excellent service always. We apologise for the experience and thank you all for your patronage and the feedback.
    So Fresh Team

    • The Main Foodie

      25.02.2016 at 13:38 Reply

      Hello So Fresh Team, we appreciate that this has been taken well and an opportunity for feedback by customers to provide better experiences.

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