#FoodieSnaps: Casa D’Lydia

#FoodieSnaps: Casa D’Lydia

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Meet Kehinde of Bonita Valli as she gives us her quick review of Casa D’Lydia



Last Saturday, I was meeting the BF’s sister for lunch. She’s lived out of Nigeria for a while and we’d only just really met, so I decided I’d take her somewhere I felt comfortable, but also somewhere she’d feel at home and welcome. The Casa D’Lydia Bistro was the obvious choice. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why…


The Atmosphere

The cosy feel, mismatched chairs, dim lighting and especially the wall hangings (always good conversation starters) leave an instant feel of relaxation. No need for awkwardness, no need for uprightness; it just allows you to be yourself. The kitchen is located to the left of the tiny room and demarcated with glass sheets, giving you an idea of what goes on back there.

There’s also the option to sit in the courtyard outside (is it okay to call it a courtyard?) it’s very green with overgrown plants which give you a sense privacy and make you feel that much closer to mother nature.


What did we order?

2 Marcelo Stir frys

Casa 1

2 Strawberry Mojitos

Casa Mojito


Foodie Thoughts

I recommended the Marcelo Stir fry because let’s face it; if you haven’t tried Casa’s Marcelo, you simply haven’t experienced Casa. Eating the Marcelo is literally tasting the good life. The portion is healthy, perfectly spiced and topped with generous strips of my favourite meat- chicken.

We both had Strawberry Mojitos, but if you think the strawberry flavor is rich, I dare you to try their Mango Mojito (when in season)… divine! I have to fault them on one thing though…. like every other Nigerian restaurant the leaves in the Mojitos are too finely crushed and slip through the straws and leaving me with mint leaves stuck in my gapped teeth… not cool.


The Damage

The Marcelo cost a reasonable N3,500 per head while the Strawberry Mojito cost your typical alcoholic cocktail N2,500 per head.

A definite thumbs up from me.


Would I go back?

I’ve only been going back for about 3 years…. why would I stop now?



Casa D’ Lydia

19 Glover Road Ikoyi Lagos

+234 817 200 1143

The Main Foodie

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