Work Lunch: Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Work Lunch: Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Goodness Gracious Gourmet

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Hey Everyone!! I’ve missed you so much! Well I think my life is pretty much back to normal and I’ve been away for a reason – I got married :-)  Anyways I am back and back to being hungry at work all the time – lol.


So todays Work Lunch feature is from Goodness Gracious Gourmet. We had featured meals from her before on the blog and on Instagram and you can check them out here, here and here.




GGG’s MO is to have weekly menu’s put out on her Instagram Page and you have to order before 11am or else no food for you which I guess really helps them out with their kitchen orders and logistics. For the menu on Wednesday which was yesterday, was the ‘Shredded Beef in Green pepper, Red Pepper, Black Pepper and Chili Sauce with Steamed Rice’. This costs ₦2,000 and delivery charge is ₦500 being a total of ₦2,500.

Goodness Gracious Gourmet


Service Delivery: Placed a call to order my meal at 9.36am with a follow up Whatsapp message and food was delivered at 12.35pm just in time for lunch




Food Quality: The food came hot in two separate rectangular bowls – one for the rice and one for the sauce. GGG was not miserly with the amount of shredded beef in the sauce which scored cool points in my books. However, would have preferred the sauce a little thicker. It was quite spicy which reminded me of some of the Thai meals I had from them in the past (if you are pepperless, don’t try it). The bowls of the rice and shredded beef sauce was full – good portions (had to share with a colleague). Was disappointed it was just normal rice as I was expecting it to be Basmati rice



Price: The Food – ₦2,000  • Delivery – ₦500

Overall, I enjoyed my meal but would have preferred the sauce with Basmati rice as normal rice is quite boring


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