New Coffee House in Lagos – My Coffee Lagos


New Coffee House in Lagos – My Coffee Lagos

My Coffee  Lagos

40B Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island

0811  5888 885



Weekends have become so so busy right now and in a little bit, things will go back to normal. While running errands, spotted this new coffee shop in Victoria Island with its bold sign “My Coffee Coffee House” and went in to grab a sandwich and some hot chocolate.



My Coffee LagosIMG_5709



While I was trying to make a choice on what to buy, I noticed it was just expats/foreigners in the Coffee shop and not too long after it hit me, they were mostly Ukrainians and the owner or lady/fam who runs the place are from Ukraine. A friend of mine was getting some work done there apparently and she was like she had been the only dark skinned person there for a while until I showed up.





My Coffee Lagos is a fresh brand and franchise from Ukraine, Russia and generally Eastern European countries. The Coffee House/Shop is small and quite cute and can probably sit in like 12 – 15 people at a time (yeah that tiny) The staff were extremely warm and friendly and it was just a generally relaxing atmosphere and quiet as well.  Its been opened for about 2/3 weeks now and the family who runs the place has been living in Lagos for about three (3) years now with a Salon/Spa which is popular among the expat community.




I had the Croissant with Salmon and a medium cup of hot chocolate (cups of different sizes are available). The Croissant with Salmon was a first for me which is strange because I always have Sushi and its usually raw but to have a Sandwich with raw Salmon, I was not ready (lol) more like fear coz’ I’d usually have a Chicken sandwich or a BLT but never Salmon. It was really nice and the cream cheese just hit the right spot!

Croissant with Salmon




The hot chocolate by the way was really surprising for me because (1), the cup was half full and (2) it was ₦1,000 (lol). I think the staff noticed I was quite confused as to why my mug was not full to the brim and was quick to let me know it was really really thick – thick enough to have as a hot dessert instead. I was like oooh and aaah I see and after a few spoons, I finished it really fast and didn’t even bother to add some hot water. The hot chocolate reminded me so much of a Molten Chocolate Fondant Cake (oh yassss that ooey gooey good inside). I just really wish it could have been a little bit more than what was served.




Thick Hot Chocolate


I really liked how clean, well lit and neat the interior was. There’s also free wi-fi for customers and could be suitable for those looking to work out of the office on a weekend. Car park space is limited too.





Matrix    Meaning Comment
 Ambience Ambience Really clean, neat and cute
Food Quality Food Quality The hot chocolate is really a dessert but you can have it lighter if you want. The Croissant with Salmon was so fresh and lovely. They will be adding some more varieties eventually.
Location Location If you are speeding by really fast, you may not notice it. It is however on a major road and no need to play hide and seek to locate. Limited parking space available.
Price Price Hot Chocolate (250ml)  – ₦1,000

Croissant with Salmon – ₦2,300

Service Delivery Service Delivery Super lovely staff (Shout out to Dare) and lovely owner who came around to ask how we were doing


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