Orchid Bistro Opens Up in Ikoyi


Orchid Bistro Opens Up in Ikoyi

The Orchid Bistro Express

40B Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

0808  4568 824



One of Ikeja’s favorites – Orchid Bistro has opened up in Ikoyi and is called The Orchid Bistro Express. It shares the same space with an interior design company which I had first mistaken to be the Bistro. How we ended up at this place on Sunday was because we were looking for where to have ‘affordable’ breakfast as the usual suspects didn’t make sense price-wise.


The space is so pretty, clean and has natural lighting beautifully illuminating the Bistro. The simple and minimalist décor is also a plus. Also love the outdoor seating area but would not recommend if the weather is really hot.




We were the first to be here on a Sunday as we left church a little bit early so it was fun to get all the attention (only for a little before the whole world arrived). The breakfast menu was realistic with the least price being ₦3,250 and the max being ₦5,000. We went with the English which costs ₦4,000 but I wanted Smoked Salmon which came with the ‘Light and Easy’ option as an addition to my plate. All the Breakfast options come with OJ – Orange Juice, English Breakfast Tea / Americano (this was served within 10 minutes of making a choice from the menu)




Breakfast was served at approximately 20 minutes and by this time, I was on second serving of some tea while my dates Hot Chocolate was half gone (haha)





Orchid+Bistro+Express-3The Smoked Salmon came out a bit later and while it looked so good cold (as it should be), I wanted heated up but I expected that it would have been on my breakfast plate and little did I know that they had plans for us. I loved the sausages and was happy it wasn’t the usual scraps Frankfurt’s that some  serve and call ‘Sausage’. Sadly, a lot of people do not know the difference *awks*. The eggs were also well done to perfection and the bacon was crunchy.



The fault with this for me was that it was just two (2) slices of bread  and could have been more. The OJ was really sweet but I’m not sure it was bottomless and I didn’t bother to ask because I was so full at some point and just wanted my bed.






Orchid Bistro Express Breakfast MenuSo yes they had plans for us right… The bill came to a total of ₦13,650. Now its not like we didn’t read the fine print on the Breakfast Menu. This read ‘A service charge will be added to your bill. 15% for a table of 1-4 and 20% for a table of 5 and above’. Another menu stylishly had something different in equally very small fine print read ‘Your bill is inclusive of all taxes *A rounded up service charge will be added to your bill. 15% for a table of 1-4 and 20% for a table of 5 and more and for split bills’. Did you see the additions? (underlined and in bold in the other menu).


I do not get the rounding up part. Funny enough we weren’t even mad about the bill but just kept wondering how it got up to ₦13k because we just paid via POS and left without getting a breakdown. Had to call them the day after and imagine the shock that the Salmon I asked for as an addition was charged at ₦3,000 – I’m like wait what!! This is because the waiter didn’t even explain and I thought he understood I wanted the portion that was available for the ‘Light and Easy’ which was Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, and Toast which costs ₦4,750. I have so many questions around this but oh well, lesson learnt here.




All in all, we enjoyed our breakfast in this lovely new space and will be back again and hopefully by then, the breakfast buffet option available at Ikeja will be available at Ikoyi.


Matrix    Meaning Comment
 Ambience Ambience Really clean, neat and cute
Food Quality Food Quality Eggs were well done. The sausages were proper and good. The Salmon was awesome
Location Location Street parking
Price Price Two (2) English Breakfast – ₦4,000

Hot Chocolate – ₦850

Salmon (Puts hand on head) – ₦3,000

Service Charge – 15%

Total calculation came to ₦13,627 and this was ’rounded up’ to ₦13,650

what happened to being rounded up to ₦13,630 ???

Service Delivery Service Delivery The waiter was very polite and spot on but wished he had explained the charge for the Salmon.
The Main Foodie

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