Work Lunch: Blended by Woven Blends

Foodie in Lagos + Woven Blends Work Lunch + 3

Work Lunch: Blended by Woven Blends

Blended by Woven Blends

Pre-Order Only

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Work Lunches: Blended by Woven Blends

Hey Guys, it’s the season to be merry and we are back!!! We have been AWOL for a bit because Baby Foodie was born and its been an interesting mummy journey so far :-) . A few readers of the blog sent messages – thank you for checking on me. I’ve been a little active on Instagram  (you can also epxlore the #FoodieinLagos feed on IG here) and Twitter so join me on those platforms to ‘gist’ (lol)


Now on to the business of today – ‘Work Lunch’ which focuses on mainly food vendors that offer lunch services and have no physical location. Today’s ‘Work Lunch’ feature is from Woven Blends. She is actually a food blogger and recently ventured into providing work meals with weekly menu’s sent at the beginning of the week. How did I know about lunch? Well, I stumbled on it on Instagram and was lucky to even see it thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm (which I absolutely dislike).

Foodie in Lagos + Woven Blends Work Lunch + 3


On the menu for the particular week I ordered was White Rice and Chicken Curry. All meals are 1,500 and with delivery comes to a total of 2,000. Orders are typically taken a day before to ensure timely delivery and so I got my meal at about 12.42pm (and was warm as well) which was early enough for lunch unlike some that I have experienced where Lunch would come really late leaving me quite hungry and upset.


Foodie in Lagos + Woven Blends Work Lunch + 2


As for the meal, the portion was decent and came with two (2) pieces of chicken; didn’t like that the chicken wasn’t soft chicken and was a bit tough to eat and not deeply seasoned as I would have preferred or how I would normally make my chicken so it was just ok. The curry on the other hand, was really nice and was spicy enough for pepperless people. The meal came with a complimentary bottle of water which wasn’t expected. It’s good to see that a fellow food blogger is commercializing her craft.


Would I order again? Sure if anything on the weekly menu is appealing


Matrix    Meaning Comment
Food Quality Food Quality Loved loved it!
Location Location Just online presence. Pre-order only
Price Price Rice and Curry – ₦1,500

Delivery – ₦500

The Main Foodie

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