May 26, 2023

New Restaurant Alert: Mantra Lagos

Mantra Restaurant, Lagos 2, 4 Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island | Phone | Instagram Mantra Lagos, also called House of Heritage is a Pan-Asian Resto-Lounge in Victoria Island. I recently visited the space, and I loved it. I can’t wait for the restaurant to be fully opened so I can bring you update on the food and customer service. But the ambience is heavenly; their setup style is a show of the East Asian region with a modern style that portrays royalty. Mantra has a couple of house rules, and I think it is to their advantage. Rule 1: Picture taking […]
May 25, 2023

The Gardening Life II with Omolabake of Vie Garden Hub

“The most difficult thing about being a gardener is watching  plants you have nurtured with love die from reasons totally out of your control.” – Omolabake of Vie Garden Hub We are excited to learn about the creative force behind Ounje Aladun – Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start Ounje Aladun? My name is Omolabake Bode-Matthew. I am a foodie, an entrepreneur, and a gardener. It is funny; I remember being a picky eater as a child but I started being more adventurous with food in my teens when I was in charge of what we […]
May 24, 2023

Review: Slice Lagos

Slice Lagos (Victoria Island, Lagos) 19 Ologun Agbaje St, Victoria Island| Phone | Instagram Slice Lagos is a festive restaurant on the Island; I got to try their 3-course lunch deal, it was amazing! I think this deal is such a steal because I and my friend left so full. It cost ₦20,000 excluding drinks; the lunch deal is on weekdays only from 12 pm – 4 pm.   MEAL  The starter and main options were crafted for this deal. We had different starters but the same main and dessert. The chicken tasted so good; it was succulent, soft, well-cooked, and […]
May 24, 2023
World Hunger Day, 2023

World Hunger Day, 2023

Organization in Nigeria preventing Hunger This year marks the tenth year since the start of the awareness of hunger around the globe. Statistics state that 10% of people living in the world feel the negative effects of famine; a large number of this percentage comes from African countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, etc. This holiday highlights the reasons for hunger, how to put an end to it, and people actively fighting to ensure food circulation in different regions. World Hunger Day this year falls on the 28th of May, and to celebrate the occasion, we would like to spotlight some remarkable […]
May 23, 2023

International Wine Day, 2023

Wine and Wine Glasses  Happy International Wine Day International wine day is May 25th, and we’ve just realized that although food is a beautiful thing, the depth of its existence could be confusing. Those who work in the culinary industry hacked the code, while people like you and I are wondering why there are 15 types of rice, 7 types of water, over 4 types of wine, etc. It’s not like this discovery or confusion stops us from eating or drinking, but to cover our lack of knowledge, let’s talk about the types of wine glasses. It would be helpful […]
May 19, 2023
flaky's kitchen

Review: Flaky’s Kitchen, Lekki

Flaky’s Kitchen (Lekki, Lagos) Lekki – Epe Expy, Opp. Ikota Villa Estate| Phone | Instagram It’s been a while since I visited a restaurant on the Island, but Flaky’s Kitchen has always been a spot on my list, so I decided to visit and review the space and food. The space is a small but beautiful spot that has a cool feel to it; I was the only one there when I visited. I guess they do more online orders and delivery. The wall is decorated with some beautiful art piece; I loved the sight of it.   MEAL  I ordered […]
May 19, 2023
International Tea Day

International Tea Day, 2023

International Tea Day, 2023 International Tea Day officially became a holiday in late 2019 to celebrate the cultural and economic impact of Tea in different regions and countries. To celebrate this year’s tea day, we would be spotlighting some Nigeria Tea brands and sharing the secret recipe for tea alternatives with you. Shall we? The first on our list is the Tea brand called Lipton, quite famous. The Lipton yellow label tea manufactured by Unilever plc has the medicinal benefit of easing digestion and managing heart-related issues. Lipton tea bag is made from the species of evergreen shrub, the same […]
May 18, 2023

It’s National Pizza Party Day, 2023

Let’s talk about five worst pizza toppings  Pizza is little miss make everyone happy, which is pretty exciting because the party gets started when the pizza boxes arrive. But don’t get it twisted; some pizza toppings shouldn’t see the outside or daylight; they should be banned. Let’s take a look at some flour crust toppings that should never exist. Broccoli topping: It sounds like an abomination. It is obvious no Lagosian would settle for huge chunks of green trees as toppings, never. Yes, broccoli has its health advantage, as it is packed with minerals and serves as an antioxidant, but […]
May 18, 2023

The Gardening Life with Uzo of Uzo’s Food Labs

“It’s easy for people to see the glamorous part of owning an urban garden, but a lot of work goes into sustaining it.” – Uzo Orimalade We would like to know more about Uzo of Uzo’s Food Labs- Tell us about the creative person behind the project. What was the inspiration behind Uzo’s Food Labs?  My name is Uzo Orimalade, I am the creative director of Uzo’s Food Labs. A food consultancy that provides services to local and international brands in the hospitality industry. I am passionate about food and teaching.  We would like to know more about your garden, […]
May 18, 2023

Review: Okonkwo by Papiees Lagos

Okonkwo by Papiees (Yaba, Lagos) 10 Ibikunle Street, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba | Phone | Instagram Okonkwo by Papiees is a South-Eastern restaurant in the heart of Lagos that serves traditional dishes, all sorts of swallows, and native soups with any type of beef/fish and the likes to go with them. The atmosphere at Okonkwo by Papiees is more of a laid-back lounge with outdoor seating. Sometimes, you could see a few individuals working and charging their phones at the spot.   Okonkwo by Papiees also has another location in Abuja MEAL  I stopped by because I wanted to eat Pounded […]
May 15, 2023
the roadhouse bistro

Review: The Roadhouse Bistro

The Roadhouse Bistro (Ikeja, Lagos) 30c Afolabi Aina St, Allen | Phone | Instagram If you are searching for a low-key dining spot in Ikeja, I highly recommend you check out The Roadhouse Bistro. The spot is a hidden gem tucked away in a discreet location. Although you’ll find no signage outside, there is a tiny wooden bridge that would lead you into the space. The ambience is a charming and airy atmosphere surrounded by lush plants and trees; just be prepared to face a few mosquitoes.   Despite the rustic setting, the restaurant’s charm lies in its simplicity, making it a […]
May 13, 2023

The History of Cocktail

A guide to the history of cocktail HISTORY Everything has a beginning, and so does cocktail. The first record of cocktail goes far back as the 1800s when it appeared in the Farmer’s Cabinet beverage page editorial. Although it is hard to tell who mixed the first cocktail or discovered the menu, cocktails became popularly addressed as the elites drink. The first and most common cocktail mix was just sugar, bitters, spirit, and water until the mixing guide evolved when people began publishing different books on ways to mix your cocktails. As expected, with a new discovery, the rest of […]

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