June 28, 2019
Michelle's Cafe Victoria Island Lagos

Work Lunches: Michelle’s Café

Michelle’s Cafe Victoria Island Lagos Michelle’s Café Fourteen36 Mall, 1436 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos 0818 816 7366, 0905 450 4042   I had always wanted to try out Michelle’s Café but due to my routine and commute at the time, it was never really possible until now. A colleague of mine would always come to work with some sandwiches and it was always smelling so good. So simple request, I asked her to get me one whenever she went there again and voila! I was in luck and brought me a sandwich from Michelle’s Café which is located […]
March 10, 2019
Kewa's Kitchen Lagos

Work Lunch: Kewa’s Kitchen

Kewa’s Kitchen Kewa’s Kitchen Delivery only 0809 802 4889   First Work Lunch feature for the year because I have been trying to save money (lol). Remember that the “Work Lunch” category are mainly meals ordered in to eat at work and are mainly Food vendors who don’t have physical locations to eat-in. A few places have transitioned and grown to have physical locations but the focus in mainly online/delivery only hence Work Lunch Work Lunch feature today is from Kewa’s Kitchen. Found the Kewa’s Kitchen page on Instagram and thought to try them as I’d been following the page […]
May 21, 2018

Work Lunch: The Healthy Salad Company

The Healthy Salad Company Pre-Order Only/Delivery 0908 229 4917 Work Lunch: The Healthy Salad Company As the name connotes, The Healthy Salad Company (“THSC”) is a company that focuses on salads which are healthy and also yummy and salads do not always have to be just leaves or veggies or fruits. Like most of my foodie findings, I stumbled across this page on Instagram and the menu looked quite interesting and different from the regular salad guys on the gram. The menu is a weekly menu with regulars and specials. So far, I have been trying to control what I eat and […]
December 14, 2017

Work Lunch: Blended by Woven Blends

Blended by Woven Blends Pre-Order Only 0909 826 0659 Work Lunches: Blended by Woven Blends Hey Guys, it’s the season to be merry and we are back!!! We have been AWOL for a bit because Baby Foodie was born and its been an interesting mummy journey so far 🙂 . A few readers of the blog sent messages – thank you for checking on me. I’ve been a little active on Instagram  (you can also epxlore the #FoodieinLagos feed on IG here) and Twitter so join me on those platforms to ‘gist’ (lol)   Now on to the business of today – […]
November 3, 2016
Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Work Lunch: Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Goodness Gracious Gourmet Delivery Only 0909 365 0606 Hey Everyone!! I’ve missed you so much! Well I think my life is pretty much back to normal and I’ve been away for a reason – I got married 🙂  Anyways I am back and back to being hungry at work all the time – lol.   So todays Work Lunch feature is from Goodness Gracious Gourmet. We had featured meals from her before on the blog and on Instagram and you can check them out here, here and here.     GGG’s MO is to have weekly menu’s put out on […]
June 15, 2016

Healthy Eating with Smoothie Express

Smoothie Express Online Only 0909 9319 266, 0909 9319 267   Today I decided to try out a salad and smoothie from Smoothie Express, a Smoothie delivery company in Lagos just because I haven’t tried out other varieties of healthy vendors besides Green Grill House . Though I had tried two smoothies for science purposes (that didn’t make it to the blog) and didn’t love it as much and since it’s a new year, decided to give it another go.       Ordering was very simple and kudos to them with their online order system via their website. Been trying […]
March 23, 2016

Work Lunch: Deli Special Pasta from Goodness Gracious Gourmet

Hey Hey!! 4-day work week yay! To celebrate the short week, decided to go with some Deli Special Pasta from Goodness Gracious Gourmet (“GGG”).   Placed my order for lunch from Goodness Gracious Gourmet (“GGG”) last night because I did want to carry last and find out that orders foe the day had been maxed out. My order came right on time by 12pm today which I was totally happy about.   GGG is one of my lunchtime favs and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t shared reviews on their food here (checks archives and drafts) but I’ve shared […]
October 8, 2015

Healthy Munching with Diet Munchers

So I decided to try something new and this time, my work lunch was from Diet Munchers (“DM”). They had been popping up on my Instagram and some Snap Chat users had put up pictures of their food from DM. So I tried it out especially as pictures on their website and instagram looked really good and more like home-cooked meals.
August 21, 2015

Work Lunch – Green Grill House

...ate slowly just so that the food would not finish on time and so that my tummy perfectly understood the goodness it was experiencing at that moment.

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