Best Chicken Wings in Lagos – Food Shack?

Best Chicken Wings Lagos Spicy Chicken Wings

Best Chicken Wings in Lagos – Food Shack?

Best Chicken Wings in Lagos – Food Shack?

Chicken Wings Lagos

Food Shack

32A Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0907 344 2000

Had a Mummy day out recently and spent it having lunch with some of my girls. One of them picked Food Shack because it’s apparently quiet and sometimes empty on Sundays which would be ideal for us to chatter away.

What I loved most about Food Shack was the piercing natural lighting that comes through during the day, making sure photos could be great. The space is a bit spacious also cozy if the sun isn’t too hot. In terms of the menu here, it is as simple as it gets with sides, ribs, chicken, burgers, shawarma, sandwiches, cocktails, mocktails and beer.


Love the natural lighting

Love the natural lighting


For the drinks, ordered a virgin Passion fruit and Mango Daiquiri (because BF mama). For the mains, we had Jerk Goat Ribs and Yam Chips, Spicy Prawns and Plantain/Dodo Fries and the 12-piece Spicy Chargrilled BBQ Wings. One thing to note is that the sides are paid for separately and do not accompany the meals and cost N500.


Passion Fruit and Mango

Passion Fruit and Mango

Now Food Shack was not busy this particular afternoon but service was awfully slow. The drinks took almost an hour before it was served and then the food was another case entirely. It so happened that there was only one floor staff working that day and was also answering calls and chasing flies – that’s a lot of work for one person yanah

After the long wait before hunger dealt with us, we got our food.



  1. 12-Piece Chicken Wings

I have highlighted several times the Chicken Wings struggle in Lagos and so far, the best I have had has been the one at Churrasco which has not made it to the blog unfortunately. But the Chicken Wings here gets a 5 star! It was so good that I shameless ate every flesh on each bone. No complaints here.

Spicy Chicken Wings


  1. Jerk Goat Ribs

If you cook goat meat, you would know it’s one of those really tough meats that needs to be boiled for a while or pressure cooked to get it soft to come off the bone easily. As with Jerk, this was really spicy and not for the pepperdem gang. The Jerk Goat Ribs were also well marinated and flavoured and well done. The meat came off easily from the bone. Do not eat this without a glass or bottle of water


Jerk Goat Ribs

Jerk Goat Ribs




  1. Spicy Prawns and Plantain

I think this is the first time I had seen crinkle cut plantain fries and this was not bad at all. The only disappointment is that the portion is small and came with 2/3 Tiger Prawns garnished with an assortment of peppers and onions. It is hard to get Prawns wrong and this was particularly overshadowed by peppers and onions. I think Food Shack likes this whole everything coming with peppers and onions – I guess it’s the Nigerian factor.



Spicy Prawns and Crinkle Cut Plantain

Spicy Prawns and Crinkle Cut Plantain


Matrix Meaning Comment
 Ambience Ambience It is well LIT and shares a space with an interior / furniture store and has a fun vibe. Also love the wooden furniture with adiré´covers and well-spaced arrangement – Its artsy
 Food Quality Food Quality The chicken wings were perfect. I love pepper and the jerk ribs were on point and fell off the bone easily. The prawns were just alright and really small portion.
Location Location Extremely limited parking especially if the wooden benches and tables are assembled outside. Central VI off Adeola Odeku making it easy to locate
 Price Price 12-Piece Chicken Wings – ₦2,800 Jerk Goat Ribs – ₦3,000

Spicy Prawns – ₦3,800 Yam, Plantain Sides – ₦500 each

Passionfruit & Mango Daiquiri – ₦2,600

 Service Delivery Service Delivery Poor service and not enough wait staff. Food and drinks had serious delays from time of placing order till when it was served


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