Lagos Gets its own Social House with ‘The House’

Faux Buzz Mocktail

Lagos Gets its own Social House with ‘The House’

The House Lagos

4, A.J Marinho Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos



The House is a Lagos Social House with interesting rooms

It is interesting that the idea of Social Houses has finally hit the Lagos scene and it looks like Lagosians have accepted this and this is most likely here to stay. The concept of The House totally makes sense and since visiting, this place has been buzzing so it seems. I had been stalking the Instagram account for a bit and seeing snippets of the interior but didn’t actually think it would be an actual house. The vibe in there reminded me of that of one of Gordon Ramsays Restaurants – London House where essentially you have some vintage looking sofas and you can put your feet up while you wine and dine and feel free like you are at home – brilliant


The House recently opened and we went there during the opening week. It seemed as if they were still trying to get their selves together in terms of staffing and operations (no napkins, food took ages, training etc) and understandably, Lagos can be a mad house during the holidays so they are forgiven. We were given a tour while we waited and shown the different rooms which have their distinct purposes – White Room (for Shisha and finger food), Cigar room, Movie room, Disco room, Living room (for main meals)


Faux Buzz Mocktail

The Faux Buzz


There was this particular Ofada rice bowl Picture I had seen on their page and it was just a beautiful sight. Turns out this was the most ordered item off the menu



Makes sense that the menu looked interesting as it was developed by two ladies I respect in the culinary space – Afrolems and Nula’s Kitchen (this is stated at the bottom of the beautiful menu). Anyways let me not waste too much time as I know some of y’all are itching to know what its like so I’d just break it down by the different things we look out for at an establishment as highlighted here

For Drinks, had the ‘Faux Buzz’ which is a mocktail made with Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice and Grapefruit Juice. I loved it just because I am a fan of anything with Ginger, but sadly it watered down too easily and don’t think its worth the price besides the really pretty cup.

Faux Buzz Mocktail

Faux Buzz Mocktail

For the meals and to have a wider review, we had the Seafood Pasta, the Ofada Rice Bowl and the Blackened Suya Burger

Apologies in advance for the poor pictures as the lights at the House are quite dim

Seafood Pasta: It was Penne Pasta and really good and considering I had just had some from Kravings Diner the other day, I had something to compare with. The only issue for me with this was the portion which I found too small and the pieces of the Mushrooms, Calamari and Prawns were quite scanty

Seafood Pasta

Seafood Pasta

Blackened Suya Burger: The bun was not as fresh and soft as it should be and this is what I have noticed with a lot of places that offer Burgers. The Yaji which is one the main spices of Suya was quite strong and the burger was good but could have been better if the bun was right

Blackened Suya Burger

Blackened Suya Burger

The Ofada Rice Bowl: That salivating picture on their Instagram has to be the reason why this is a favourite and most ordered item. The portion is huge and very filling and had lots of meat as well.

Ofada Bowl

Ofada Bowl


The idea of this place is cool, its vibrant and the concept is totally smooth. A little more effort needs to go into freshness of the burger buns and operations need to be more efficient. Will totally go back.

Matrix Meaning Comment
Ambience Ambience The living room which is for dining is badly lit and so struggled to get clear pictures. It is really comfy and has the décor of an actual house with a dining table, bookshelf. Sofas and blankets to chill.
Food Quality Food Quality Portion for Seafood Pasta too small but delicious and balanced in terms of taste. Ofada bowl was really filling and generous in portions and the Suya burger was alright
Location Location Just street parking is available and to identify The House may take some time because there is no number or indication that it is there thus making it quite coded
Price Price Faux Buzz – ₦3,000 • Seafood Pasta – ₦5,500Blackened Suya Burger – ₦5,200 • Ofada Rice Bowl – ₦4,800
Service Delivery Service Delivery As highlighted above, the service was a bit out of place because things were not in order as at when we visited.
The Main Foodie


  • Sweettooth

    03.02.2018 at 07:01 Reply

    Nice review, thanks for sharing. Been eyeing their I.g page and can’t wait to visit! The ofada bowl looks nice, making me hungry 🙈 Do you have to make a reservation though? cos I think I saw something like that on their website.

    • The Main Foodie

      06.02.2018 at 21:05 Reply

      Thank you! ^_^ It was nice. Let me know how you find it when you do go in.

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