Brunching at Mansilla

English BReakfast

Brunching at Mansilla

So one Sunday, I went to Mansilla with my friend – Y to try it out as I never made it here when it was still called “Wott to Eat”. Glanced through the menu which is not so extensive by the way and the proper thing to have was ‘Brunch’. Everyone loves a good brunch and it seems like the perfect Sunday ritual.


It had this huge space outside  and a nice garden which I liked and seemed obviously built as a proper house before its re-modelling into a restaurant.


Y and I ordered the English breakfast but I wanted sunny side up eggs while she wanted an omelette. My sunny side up is not looking so sexy for the price, its meant to look very inviting abi?


My Eggs

We were given complimentary glasses of juice to have with our meal (you either have a bellini or juice).


English Breakfast

Toast was a little burnt around the edges



Cute wine cellar

Cute wine cellar



Hunger is not your friend

Clean Plate – Hunger is not your friend


Cute AC Boxes

Love the way they AC’s are presented


Ambience: I love simplicity and Mansilla had just that!

Food Quality: The portion was small especially for the price but again it seems to be what Lagos restaurants offer these days.  Totally need to stick to all you can eat

Location: Not so hard to find and is easily accessible. Just look out for the bamboo walls and you should find it :)

Price: Pricey!! N4,500

Service Delivery: This was just somehow. It took about 30 minutes for me to get my food. I mean its just eggs, sausages and bacon and this should not take that long considering we were only about 6 that were in the restaurant besides a party of three who had been there before us. So my meal comes out and that of Y does not (oops). Y did not find this funny as the party of 4 had their meals like 20 minutes before us. Well Y’s food came 40 minutes later and she was so upset she told them to take it back and ranted on Twitter (sadly I don’t know how to vex for food, lol)

On a brighter note though, this place is quite private and can be my next Orela which was so ideal but  it seems like they have shut down :( *sigh* Its kinda rough on the streets

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