Foodie in Lagos Tales: KFC, Nok by Alara, 355 & Basilico

Foodie in Lagos Tales: KFC, Nok by Alara, 355 & Basilico

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Why is KFC Making Moin Moin though?


Y.A:  Hi there Main Foodie, I was the sacrificial lamb today.


I suffered so you (and your readers) don’t have to, so please heed my advice! I’m starting a detox diet tomorrow, so I decided to have my final fat feast by indulging in some chicken and chips. I stopped at KFC (Ikeja under bridge to be precise) only to be told they had no chips. I was pretty bemused given that chips or fries if you must are more or less the cornerstone of the franchise. But when in Lagos… So I opted for this new combo Streetwise Two Savvy. It comes with rice, two pieces of chicken and moi moi. The pictures looked nice and I was disappointed and hungry, so I took it to go. Mistake number one, the server had given me fried rice instead of jolloff. I never eat fried rice outside and this served as a good reminder why. To say the rice was absolutely disgusting is an understatement.


I can’t even describe the flavour beyond the words awful, not fit for human consumption, or any pet you don’t hate. unfortunately the rice was just an indictor of things to come because my God..the moi moi. You know what, I can’t even disrespect moi moi by calling that monstrosity by its name. It looked right (ish) but looks are deceiving oooo, think those mesmerising Youtube make up wizardry videos. It tasted horrible! Whatever ingredients the KFC cook used were NOT meant to create moi moi. Please I beg of you, on behalf of your taste buds do not try this combination. If there are no chips respect yourself,  take your N1,200, find your nearest Mama Put and feast mightily.


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A disgruntled chip fiend



355’s Wahalarita is a Winner and Nok By Alara has Strange Dessert


L.S: So I went to 355 and Nok. This is what I thought – 


355 I visited 355 restaurant on Oko Awo in Lagos the other evening as people had told me about it. It was quite quiet for a Thursday evening but inside was bustling with the latest sound tracks. Our waitress Yinka was very helpful and advised us on the menu. We ordered the Wahalarita as a drink which was pricey for a pitcher but well worth it. The drink was cold, refreshing without an overbearing taste of alcohol (perfect for those who are not big alcohol drinkers or don’t like the taste). I ordered the Chicken Calmaron on the advice of Yinka the waitress which disappointingly was chicken on the bone (I was hoping it was a nice bit of breast chicken). All the same, it was well seasoned and the mash potato side was creamy and hot. Unfortunately they don’t do desserts, so for a dessert lover like myself, you may feel your meal is not complete! Lol but the portions of food were filling. Overall, I would visit again and would recommend the restaurant, especially if it’s just to drink the Wahalarita.


NOK I visited Nok which had a lovely ambience on entering the restaurant. The décor was lush and the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. My friend and I quickly spotted the little details such as the cutlery, the mixed Nigerian/intercontinental menu and the African arty pieces that filled the restaurant. I ordered a Tropickina cocktail which was pleasant albeit too small!


We then had the guinea fowl spring roll and the plantain and sweet potato pancakes which were different and lovely to eat. For my main, I had the braised oxtail stew with mashed beans. When the waiter described the meal, I wasn’t really sold on the idea (I didn’t like the idea of shredded oxtail and mashed white beans) however I vowed to try something different and I’m so glad I made this choice. At first, my meal was brought out lukewarm and so I asked them to heat it up. Within minutes I had a new plate of food which was perfectly hot and extremely yummy. My friend ordered the grouper and the jollof rice which just wasn’t as fascinating. The fish was dry and overcooked but luckily the rice and okra pieces helped the dish along.


For dessert, yes dessert (we’re foodies!) I ordered the agege bread pudding which was a small piece of bread and butter pudding with ice cream. This dessert was strange… it’s the only way I could describe it. I wasn’t totally head over heels but I also wanted more with each bite. I guess the unique taste of the pudding won and I finished it all. My friend however had mango and coconut rice pudding and didn’t like it all. She complained it wasn’t creamy enough!


Overall, I would definitely visit this restaurant again. The service was great and although on the pricey side (cocktails were N3,500 each and some meals costing N7/8,000, it was totally worth the money). I think I’ll be visiting for Valentines!


“Basilico Should Be Shut Down”


Dear Foodie in Lagos, when I saw your Instagram post about how we could share our thoughts on places we tried out, I jumped straight into your DM. So Lets talk about Basilico Italian Restaurant! As in! I should even look for the pics of the food to start with. The so called Chicken and Shrimp pasta came almost uncooked with like 2 shrimp and 3 tiny pieces of Chicken. His *Name Retracted* mixed grill tasted like shit. Customer service was mega wack too.


After all the mess ups they refused to apologise. I will NEVER go there again. Oh yes the decor… the most horrible I’ve ever seen and their bread was nasty too. I almost caused a scene


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