Foodie in Lagos Tales: Kick-Off


Foodie in Lagos Tales: Kick-Off

New week!! Whoop!


So last week, we asked that you guys share your Foodie Tales – the good, bad and ugly.


Thank you to everyone who sent emails, DM’s and tweeted at us their experiences with restaurants and the likes.   Enjoy…                


When Breakfast Decides It Wants To Be Lunch Instead          


When we tweeted about how people could share the bad, good or ugly, Tobi was the first to tweet his comment at us. As you can see he was quite frustrated that he had ordered breakfast and by lunch time, he was yet to get his food. I hope they came shortly after that with your breakfast Tobi


Checked in hours after and he had to make do with air he says LOL



When Suzzie The Rat Decides She Is Part Of The Family            


A.O: So that’s  how I went to Sky Lounge with my family. As we were eating, I saw a rat run across the floor and hide somewhere, then run again and hide somewhere else. I was like ah, so upon all the money we are paying here. When I was leaving, I told one of the waiters that I saw a rat and he was like “O, sorry ma”. I didn’t see him make an effort to tell the manager or anything. SMH. Never been back there since then. Maybe they have improved sha.          


FIL: In this Lassa fever times, rats need to be exterminated please!            


Shit Pasta, Great Cocktails            


M.F: Hi, Please see below my review on RSVP Restaurant in the Victoria Island area of Lagos. My boyfriend and I went to RSVP to celebrate our first year anniversary in 2014. He had told me there was a very nice place his friend had told him about and that he wanted us to go there. We got there and I loved it at first sight. The ambiance was 100 over 100 for me as well. We settled quickly and got someone to attend to us who handed us the menu.   First of all, the menu wasn’t very extensive so I was a tad bit disappointed but we still went ahead to order our meals.   My boyfriend and I are very huge pasta lovers so we both ordered different pasta dishes (because we went in 2014 and I am sending you this review in 2016, I cannot remember what we ordered). We also ordered cocktails (he had something like a long island and I had something that had vanilla flavor and berries).       The pasta was not nice. Sorry scratch that, the pasta was SHIT. No taste, no flavor, no character. RUBBISH. My boyfriend is not a picky eater so he can pretty much eat a lot of things but he also felt the same way. And trust me, we have had our fair share of pastas in Lagos.   We also had starters before the main meal. We had the chicken logs. Again, they were okay. Very average in my opinion.     I think the hype surrounding the place just made me have very high expectations. I had never heard of the place before but bae said his friend said it was the perfect place to take me to.         On to the cocktails- The cocktails to be honest was the highlight of the night. Safe to say we went home veryyyy tipsy! My cocktail was perfect. The perfect combination of sugar and alcohol which is how i like my cocktail.   I have been back to RSVP just once for date night with bae’s friends and their girlfriends/wives. It wasn’t my choice to go there because if it was up to me, i would have chosen RSVP as the venue but some of our friends had never been. We racked up a bill of up to 80k and the food was very average. What did it for us was the company and the cocktails.   Would I go back to RSVP? No but for drinks , Yes.            


When Meatpie Doesn’t Taste Like Meatpie            


This was not a direct tweet at us but a follower was kind to send this tweet to FIL. This is one meatpie we will avoid. Thank you @osaroosamagie   Meatpie  

By the way we ran a poll and asked the guys on Twitter what their preference was for Valentine’s Day <3


And so the chefs have it!


If you would like to share your experience with us, do send us a mail 

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