Foodie in Lagos Tales: Crust and Cream & Insignia Restaurant

Foodie in Lagos Tales: Crust and Cream & Insignia Restaurant

The experiences today from readers are on Crust and Cream & Insignia Restaurant both in Lagos.


Catch up on previous experiences and see here for background on this column :)


Crust and Cream


“So last Sunday I went to Crust & Cream for dinner and decided to try their Pasta Chicken Carbonara instead of my usual (Spaghetti Bolognese).


The environment was very cosy and comfortable and the waiter was very attentive. My food was basically Fettuccini Pasta, Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom, Fresh Basil, Parmesan Cheese tossed with Creamy White Sauce. I have to say that it tasted really good. They have other lovely dishes as well and I haven’t had any bad experience there yet and would recommend this place to anyone.


Ooh their Kit Kat Ice Cream was nice as well.”


Insignia Restaurant


“I got a beef burger from Insignia Restaurant recently. Ambiance was fantastic. You could tell that the service was intentionally personal in a fantastic way. Quality of service was top notch! The burger was perfect! Words can’t even describe. I’m not one to normally post food pictures on social media but it was that great. I feel like I’m ranting but I’ll definitely go back there with friends.”


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