Foodie in Lagos Tales – Sharing Experiences

Foodie in Lagos Tales – Sharing Experiences

Happy new month guys (Lol I knowwwwww…)


But this is my best month because its my birth month whoop whoop!


Anyway, at FIL we keep getting mostly personal messages about experiences of our readers at certain restaurants or establishments. Remember how I said in the post here how my friend was upset at the service and all? There was a lot more to the story but hey we are here for deets about the food and didn’t want to drive off the express.


But it got me thinking that why don’t we share the good, bad and ugly experiences we have on here from our readers as sharing is caring. I read so many rants on Twitter and the comment section on some Instagram pages are always lit! I’ve had my fair share of rants as well just like the time I ordered a salad and it still had particles of sand.. Just imagine. LOL




So what do you think guys? Can we do this? Foodie in Lagos Tales – Sharing the rants and experiences

It can be anything.. from how your delivery took 5 hours instead of 1 hour like they promised or you found a strand of hair in your food… You get the gist?

How do you get your tales to us? Simple. Use the contact form or simply send an email to 

Can’t wait to read what you guys have to say and don’t worry it would be anonymous 😉

The Main Foodie


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