The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors I


The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors I

Hey guys, Lagos Food Fair


We are so excited to announce the maiden edition of our very own Food Fair. We will be showcasing some of the best Foods in Lagos.


The Fair is barely 5 days away!


We are in partnership with the curators of the yearly Lagos Home Show – a platform that was founded on the simple principle of ‘encouraging local industry’ especially for home-ware.


We’ve always wanted to do a Food Fair where everyone enjoys available samples, tries out new food and ultimately having a Foodie Adventure from awesome vendors. Food Fairs are common in other parts of the world and our aim is to promote the hidden and not so hidden gastronomical treasures in Lagos especially the ‘Work Lunch‘ category who do not have physical spaces for you to visit.


It promises to be a fun-filled day where we bring Home-Ware and Food Lovers together in one space to basically Eat and Shop!


So this is the first of the Meet the Vendors series leading up to the event so you know what to expect and salivate while you do so…





Smigz Mobile Bar is a Mobile bar as the name implies that is gradually changing the cocktail game in Lagos. Get ready to have a taste of Smigz’ signature  Strawberry Daiquiri  and Poptails/Popsicles which are also a must. What’s  a Poptail? They are lollipops spiked with some alcohol which are ideal for the Lagos heat.


Smigz Popsicles






Benjy’s Blend (“BB”) was birthed to provide healthy drinking alternatives and aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle with smoothies. BB will be serving up a variety of her smoothies to either  Refresh you, Revive you or simply give you some Bliss. Check out the menu below:

Benjys blend






She is a lifestyle management services provider that believes people should eat their way to a healthier life.  To this end, the company provides freshly cooked, natural and healthy Akwa Ibom, vegetable based delicacies to a discerning clientele in Lagos and its environs.

Veggies Pot was founded out of a desire to provide succor to the teeming working class women, men and young people who must grapple with the demands of corporate work and eating healthy.  With Veggies pot with Daminee churning out delicious and healthy meals, the desire to catch up on much-needed rest and have a valuable family time in the evenings and weekends is now a reality.  The need to food-shop and cook is removed.  The company also offers home cooking service as well as fulfilling party orders.


Veggies Pot also specializes in Smoothies, Vegetable and Fruit Juices.  Veggies Pot is  all about healthy food choices and a health conscious lifestyle.


Damine 2

Ekpang Nkukwo in the making


Ekpang Nkukwo with Peppered Snails Shrimps and Veg_Veggies Pot with Daminee


What to expect from Veggies Pot? Afang soup with eba or semolina, Atama soup (Abak or Banga) with eba or semolina, Afia efere (white soup) with Poundo yam, Ekpang Nkukwo (Cocoyam based), Peppered snails, Smoothies,Vegetables/Fruit juices


This is for all my peoples that don’t like mede-mede




For the sweet tooths….Candy Town NG  is presently an online candy store which delivers Nationwide Nigeria. The dream has always been in their heart to own a candy store in Nigeria which will also have other amenities (this is still in works). Candy Town started functioning in Nigeria late 2015 and has been growing daily. Candy Town ensures customers satisfaction are met and are all about excellence, perfection and outstanding customer service.
You can find Candy Town  in the dessert section for weddings, parties, showers (bridal and baby) and because CT really love kids, they offer party pack services as well.
For my FitFam people….. Fruits N’ Berries is an online business focused on promoting healthy lifestyle by creating attractive looking fruits that grips attention and get people appreciating fruit and nature. The vision is to grow a fruit business that promotes healthy living while the  mission is to invest in a generation that will make fruit consumption a lifestyle.
Fruits N Berries specialises in the following: fruit trees, fruit chops, fruit bouquets, fruit parfaits, smoothies, fruit baskets, fruit platters and tasty salads
Fruits N berries 1
Fruits N berries 2
  Fruits N berries 3

Aww! Melon Minion! Cool!

Otres Restaurant is a fine dining African Restaurant that provides good food mixed with an ambiance that is super relaxed. At Otres it goes beyond providing just great meals but the distinctive features that are offered.  The cuisine is a blend of the culinary traditions of numerous nations to create innovative and interesting dishes with our traditional foods. The root of cooking style combines the great passion for genuine flavours of fresh grown herbs and spices, healthy home style cooking and gourmet comfort food.


Unlike other cuisine that has been diluted with limitations of different ingredients and processing steps, the style of cooking food at Otres is done traditionally, that it may retain the nostalgic or sentimental appeal and simply provide and easy-to-eat, easy-to-digest meal, that is rich in nutrient.

Otres Pic 1
Otres pic 2
Hear from Sydney: Hot, Fresh & Tasty Meals @ your desk in minutes! That’s what we are known for! We have redefined the Nigerian Cuisine with our unique infusion of intercontinental flavours that we know you will enjoy. Get ready to enjoy Nigerian food that is guaranteed to excite your taste buds!

Sydney 1

Sydney’s Signature Grilled Chicken Suya and Cous Cous

“Meet the Vendors”

The Main Foodie

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