The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors III


The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors III

The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair is finally here!! Yay! Trying to sleep but its tough… Well on to it. See I and II of introduction of our vendors to catch up.






Been following this account on Instagram for a while and heard some lovely things about her Shaki (Tripe) bites. Yes oh! Toasted Shaki Bites with agege bread. Yummerz!


“Biscuitboneblog focuses on fusing African cuisines with different cultures. Our toasted sandwiches are a playful mix of Nigerian, European and Asian techniques”.


**All toasties made with agege bread
Shaki Toastie — shaki, tomato & mozzarella cheese sauce, fresh basil
Chicken Toastie– chicken, creamy Brie, honey & date jam, caramelized onions, fresh mint






Probably one of the most interesting menus at our food fair. Chef B will be serving up some authentic Italian cuisine for guests. I’m definitely camping here…


Take a look at the Menu:


  • Pasta prosciutto e panna (ham and cream pasta)
  • Pasta al pesto
  • Slow cooked goat meat ragu with mash
  • Il brasato (slow cooked beef cooked in red wine cinnamon and othe spices, takes 30hrs from start to finish) served with mash
  • Pasta with sausages and leeks


Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 00.01.33
Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 23.59.12
Chef Rama runs a private catering outfit and is also a chef at one of the restaurants in Lagos. She  will be providing a fusion of Moroccan and Gambian meals at the food fair
  • Moroccan lamb stew and raisin couscous
  • Gambian Jollof with chicken or fish
  • Calamari a La Plancha
  • Shrimps Stuffed in Apple


rama 3
rama 2
rama 1
Red Dish Chronicles is a growing Culinary School in Nigeria in Lagos and Abuja and plans to expand to other locations. Headed by Chef Stone, the school has provided young and old with an avenue to learn new skills in the art of cooking. RDC will be showcasing some benefits of the school as well as demos by the Chefs
Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 00.23.20
Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 00.22.51
M n K are self-taught bakers who love
anything that is delicious, scrumptious, heavenly and chocolate filled…
What to expect from M&K:
  • Guinness Baileys Brownies with Pretzel and Espresso
  • Lemon fruity chip cookies
  • Giant cookies
  • Oreo stuffed Cookies
  • Nutella Mexican Chocolate Cookies
  • Nutella Brownies
  • White Chocolate Blondies
  • Coconut Butterscotch Cookies
  • Pound cakes


With each purchase,  you get free cake donuts :)












The weather has been crazy hot and Slush Queen will be serving some brain-freezing delicious slushies in different flavours at the Fair :).





NUTTY-SNACK is a tasty peanut-snack locally made from fresh groundnut coated in batter.

It consists of a healthy blend of fine flour, pure vegetable oil and other natural ingredients, providing high and healthy nutritional value with each serving. This  comes in three unique variants.

NUTTY-SNACK is proudly Nigerian.



V.Treats is a dessert company specialising in poffertjes, waffles on a stick, cupcakes and more.


“Meet the Vendors”

The Main Foodie

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