The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors II

oi Vic stir fry dish 2

The Foodie in Lagos Food Fair 2016 – The Vendors II

Yay! We are so excited about our Food Fair  together with the Lagos Home Show that is happening this weekend in Lagos. The Food Fair is 3 days away and we are so glad, excited and scared at the same time but its almost here and we are so glad! You will notice we have been spotlighting some of our Food Vendors on Instagram and Twitter and some bits on Snapchat so you have an idea on what to expect.


If you missed the introductory part of our “Meet the Vendors” series, see I here 



Wrap City was birthed as a result of the growing appreciation for the importance of a healthy diet. The tagline is EAT FRESH which says it all. Wrap City is all about fresh ingredients, cooked simply and healthily and made with love with  emphasis on good health and great taste.

WRAP CITY serves:

  • Nutritious and delicious toasted wrap sandwiches
  • Crisp, fresh salads
  • Delicious fruit pots
  • Yummy and not-too-sinful baked goods
  • Scrumptious fresh fruit smoothies and juices


IMG-20160414-WA0007 (2)


IMG-20160414-WA0012 - Copy




Healthy and delicious recipes are very common words these days for lean diets, but not necessarily for pastry, bread and snacks and this was how Bread and Baskets came to life. With the founders love for bread and snacks coupled with a struggling fitfam lifestyle, Bread and Basket was an outlet to create recipes from fruits in the fridge that began to go sour. BB offers a variety of melt in your mouth goodies, ranging from breads, bites, no-bake bars, Granola bars and muffins. Most of BB’s goodies are made with no sugar or butter and in some cases no eggs, as there is the ever-growing demand of healthy alternatives for clients.


Substituting regular baking ingredients with healthier alternatives, a variety of our breads like the: Ultimate Banana Bread, Orange Tang Bread, Honey Pumpkin Bread, Crazy Coconut Bread and many more are baked with no sugar, no butter, whole wheat flour and other home grown ingredients baked to perfection. “Whether you like your rustic-looking bread sweet, with fruit and tang, crunchy or savory, with puree and dried fruit, we have just the recipe you’ve been looking for. For healthy melt in your mouth goodies think Bread and Basket ” – Sounds good!


bread and basket ingre 1

bread and basket ingre



Oi’Vic serves home made stir-fry cuisines and will be satisfying guests at the food fair with all-you-can-create dishes. Yes Yes! You can create your very own delicious stir-fry meals by selecting from the buffet of fresh vegetables, chicken, beef or prawns. – Yum


oi Vic stir fry dish 2


Stir Fry



The M-00vement! MooDiary is a sweet treat provider and will be serving up the Food Fair with alcoholic and non-alcoholic milkshakes.


Moo Diary Milkshakes


Take a look at the menu:






For the wine connoisseurs and lovers of fine wine. Fat Bastard, a premium wine brand from Southern France will be here at the Food Fair.


Fat Bastard Merlot screenshot                              Fat bastard chardonnay screenshot



Momia Glocal Foods is in the business of providing food, drinks and general hospitality services. Momia offers well packaged, high quality, nutritious and hygienically produced local snacks, foods and drinks at affordable prices.

What to expect to see from Momia – Packaged local snacks : Donkwa, kuli-kuli ‎(groundnut snaps), coconut balls, groundnut meshed coconut ball,  kokoro (maize crunch) and for drinks, some Zobo and Kunu


                     Momia Kokoro     Momia Coconut
For the coffee lovers, this is for you. Kaldi’s mission is simple, which is to roast the finest, hand selected, export beans available from premier coffee growing regions of Africa. A joint Nigerian and Kenyan enterprise with over 300 flavours, will be serving freshly roasted 100% natural coffee and tea from locally produced export quality cocoa and cocoa products.



“Meet the Vendors”

“Meet the Vendors”

The Main Foodie

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