A Trip to Freshly Ground Coffee Co.

Outdoor 2

A Trip to Freshly Ground Coffee Co.

The Freshly Ground Coffee Co.

17B Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0802 208 80210809 0977 913


Happy new month guys! Sorry for being MIA but we back! You can connect with us via Instagram which is always live so follow on there if you aren’t. It seems Awolowo road in Ikoyi seems to have some hidden and not so hidden spots and accidentally stumbled upon The Freshly Ground Coffee Co.


Outdoor Seating Area


Indoor Seating Area 2


At first glance, it looks like an abandoned building with loads of space or more like a ghost town with minor construction work ongoing. The major building has faded paint and the only reason one can tell there’s something going on in there is the signage that reads ‘Freshly ground – Café – Bistro – Bar – Grill’ at the entrance.


Outdoor 2


Indoor Seating



Freshly ground is located in a bungalow just behind the ghost building with visibly bright painting and its very lovely outdoor seating area which will be more conducive for evenings since the sun is not smiling. Initially  I had assumed the Café was a fancy coffee house if not for the signage which read that it was a Café, Bistro, Bar & Grill (CBBG for short abeg) and I was super delighted to see the products of one our Food Fair Vendors – Kaldi Africa’s Coffee beans on the tables.


Kaldi Coffee


Lately I’ve been avoiding fizzy drinks so its all about water, juices or smoothies and went with the Juicy Smoothie at Freshly Ground. Sadly, the menu did not spell out what fruits the juices were made of so I had to ask. Can’t seem to recall what the waiter said when I asked for a smoothie and she said they didn’t have plain smoothies and recommended the ‘Juicy Smoothie’ – a mix between juices and smoothies. This had passion fruits, orange, pineapples & grapes.


Smoothie Punch


Smoothie Punch 2

Alas! I understood the concept of the juicy smoothie when I had finished it and realised it was the smoothie left once the juice was gone. It was lovely btw.


For mains, ordered the beef burger with cheese  and spicy chicken wings but the waiter came back 15 minutes later with “Sorry ma, no Chicken Burger” so I asked for Beef Burger just in case the Chicken was the Prablem. Then she came back with “there is no bread” -_- But bread is so basic… So I then asked for Jumbo Prawns and response was “No Jumbo Prawns ma just 150g Prawns’. At that point I gave up though the waiter was quite lovely but its quite annoying when simple items on the menu aren’t available. After much thought, ordered what was available – the grilled chicken breast with lemon butter sauce (other choices available – mushroom sauce/spicy chilli sauce/black pepper sauce/rosemary sauce), parsley potatoes and steamed veggies.


Main Meal


The spicy chicken wings were out of the kitchen in 20 minutes BUT it was not spicy which I didn’t mind because I actually love pepper but instead it was sorta sweet-ish. The wings had this underlying freezer taste… I don’t even know again, tried the remaining pieces and the story was the same. Then there was some powder which I suspect to be cinnamon sprinkled round the plate and was irritating to my nose and made me sneeze quite a lot.


Chicken Wings
The wings were on a bed of green veg which were quite bitter but when mixed with the chilli thingy on the wings, it was Lit but the Wings itself were so basic and just there. Not bad but just there and not OMG-worthy if you get me. For the mains, this was out of the kitchen in 20 mins from the point of ordering and smelt soooo soooo good.


Main Meal 2



I really liked the lemon butter with the potatoes and reminded me of my childhood days when I’d have butter with yam – delicious. The chicken however didn’t seem well grilled as it was quite touch to cut up. The potatoes were well done. All in all, it was not a bad experience. Just wished most items on the menu were available and more effort went into the description of the juices. Next time, I’ll go in the evening and sit in the lovely area outside and have a shisha or two



Matrix    Meaning Comment
 Ambience Ambience Modern setting with loads of space which will be very ideal for birthdays and small gatherings. The cute outdoor seating is 10/10
Food Quality Food Quality The Spicy Chicken Wings were not actually spicy and had a freezer like taste. The chilli sauce of the wings was really good though. The grilled chicken wasn’t well grilled and was a bit tough but the potatoes were awesome
Location Location The location is at the tail end of Awolowo Road which is not so noticeable and the ghost looking buildings don’t help. On the upside, there is good parking space here
Price Price Juicy smoothie – ₦1,200

Grilled Chicken Breast and Potatoes – ₦3,500

 Service Delivery Service Delivery The service was awesome and staff were extremely pleasant. I’d go back here solely for this

The Main Foodie


  • Livinginlekki

    14.06.2016 at 07:53 Reply

    Really been holding back on trying out this place. I have seen pictures on instagram.

    Weekend brunch it is


  • An Afrikan Butterfly

    14.06.2016 at 08:01 Reply

    I was there last Friday, and it was okay. My friend and I had Spaghetti Carbonara (with bacon). First of all, the waitress took our orders and came back 5 minutes later to ask what we were having- whether it was with bacon, or with chicken. Why did she not take notes? THEN, after waiting 40 minutes, only one plate came out. According to them, “there was no communication” between the waitress and the chef, whatever that means. So, the chef didn’t know he was making for two. My friend and I shared the first plate and the second arrived like 20 minutes later. It wasn’t a busy day at all, so I really wonder why the whole thing was so scatter brained. The second plate was way nicer than the first, and they were not consistent in their plating of the same dish, which I found a little somehow.

    Anyway. I think the location at the “tail end” of Awolowo Road is one of the good things about it, because the Falomo end tends to be a mess on weekdays. Better access from the mainland, or Island- anybody coming through Obalende or Simpson Street.

    I haven’t written the place off, no. It’s cute (I prefer the outside to the inside) but great service is not what I got.

    • The Main Foodie

      14.06.2016 at 08:10 Reply

      That waitress lady seems like she can be something else. Simple notes? When I was there it was not busy as well and just two other lads having coffee or so. I guess she is just scatter brained. I feel you on the plating. I went through their IG and didnt see the dusty thing scattered on any of the plates so why mine? Lol.. Yeah outside is really cute but was too hot to sit out there. Thanks for sharing :)

  • WillWorkForAirMiles

    14.06.2016 at 08:04 Reply

    This space looks nice. Adding to my list.

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